Small Molecules

Hamilton Biochemicals has access to a UK-based manufacturer specialising in chemical synthesis and R&D for the pharmaceutical, biotech and fine chemical industries.

We can offer:

Custom Synthesis in areas such as Heterocyclics, Aromatics, Fluororganics.

cGMP Synthesis in gram to Kilogram quantities in Cytotoxics and Pharmaceutical Reference Compounds.

Chemical Research and Development in Organic synthesis and Nanotechnology.

Process Development including Process Optimisation Studies and Technology Transfer.

A new area of service is in Cosmetic Formulation and Development.

Route selection and feasibility studies

From targets disclosed by discovery companies, we carry out a literature/theoretical study of a possible or alternative routes leading on to initial feasibility study and then process development of the preferred route.

Contract Research

We undertake contract research chemistry working to a clients brief on a FTE basis. We have worked on many problems, other than chemical synthesis, including developing novel drug delivery systems and pigment dispersal additives. If you have an application that requires development then we may be able to assist in your research.

Our Production has focused on products in the following families:

Our US-based facility can offer several product ranges:

Flavanoids, Coumarins, Chalcones, Chromones, Acetophenones, Benzophenones, Alkaloids, Carotenoids, Diterpenes, Purines, Chromatography standards, Herbal standards, Fatty acids, Saponins and Fluorochemicals.