About Hamilton Biochemicals

Hamilton Biochemicals was set up in March 2005 and is currently based in Matlock, UK. It was established to offer a range of Sales & Marketing services to companies seeking to develop or extend their European visibility, brand and customer base within the Pharmaceutical, Biochemical, Clinical and Research Institute markets. It has established links to the major potential customers for a variety of manufactured products.

Hamilton Biochemicals utilises knowledge based upon personal contacts, experience and successful sales built up over 24 years selling to major customers within the UK, European and US markets. It has the scientific knowledge and experience to undertake discussions and appreciate the complex research and production projects within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries.

It is first and foremost a professional sales agency, led by Stewart Hamilton who has an excellent history of obtaining ‘first orders’ with a subsequent development to ongoing orders. This has previously resulted in regular promotions leading to Director of International Sales and Marketing positions in the USA and Europe.

The company has significant strategy and business development planning skills at their client’s disposal, which are supported by the key directors having MBA’s from Leicester Business School and the Presidents and Key Executives level MBA from Pepperdine University, California. Thus current business practices in Europe and the USA are covered.

Hamilton Biochemicals can also act on a company’s behalf as the representative for acquisitions to complete the due diligence, or when selling a company we can find the best-fit company to acquire your business.

Stewart Hamilton, Sales and Marketing

• Total of 29 years involvement in the biochemical industry.
• Originally a works chemist, (8 years).
• Sales and marketing professional (21 years) progressed from regional sales representative to Director of International sales.
• Experience in marketing and selling within the European and US Markets.
• Products sold: API Peptides, Generic Peptide Therapeutics, Protected Amino acids, Resins, Biochemicals, Carbohydrates, Antibodies, Laboratory Capital equipment, Laboratory equipment & chemicals.
• MBA (Presidents & Key Executives) from Pepperdine University
• Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, East London University
• BA (Hons), Chemistry, Biology, Open University

Marilyn Hamilton, Strategic Planning and Finance

• Management consultancy and business development (5 years)
• Recruiter within biotechnology in the USA (4 years)
• Targeted Market research and prospect qualification
• Business training consultant (European companies)
• MBA from Leicester Business School